Here at Ciniworx Motorcycles, we live to ride!

On this site, you can find some of the best quality dirt bikes for sale anywhere. Here at the Ciniworx Ultimate Dirt Bikes shop in Melbourne you will find everything from kids dirt bikes to farming ATVs for sale at fantastic prices. We Import, build and supply our own Ciniworx brand of bikes and quads. With over 10 years experience importing and servicing dirt bikes we offer great back up, warranty and spare parts. Like any good motocross shop, we have a full workshop with mechanic on hand enabling us to service, repair and supply parts for all offroad bikes including Jap and European bikes. As well as a range of dirt bike parts, gear and accessories on offer from Australian suppliers, so come in and speak to one of our friendly staff and let your imagination run wild!

Dirt bikes of all kinds are at least as popular today as they have ever been. Many people all over the globe enjoy the thrills of riding these rugged machines over rough terrain, either privately or in competitions. Most riders agree that there is little that compares to getting air on a dirt bike, and it is a remarkably easy sport for beginners to enter. While many motor sports require quite a serious initial investment, mini dirt bikes, pitbikes and the like tend to be very reasonably priced. The sheer range of dirt bikes on offer also means that there is something here for everyone. You might prefer small kids mini bikes. You might want a full-size dirt bike. You might even prefer a quad or four wheels instead of two. No matter what your tastes are, there is something in offroad bikes that will suit you.

Don't be fooled into thinking that all mini dirt bikes are for kids! A great many full-size riders use them for their excellent agility and maneuverability, not to mention for ease of transport. As such, they offer a great way for budding enthusiasts to get into the sport without spending a fortune. The attractiveness of kids dirt bikes also makes it easy for parents to introduce their children to motocross. Dirt bike gear tends not to be overly expensive, and there are even some mini quads for sale that will surprise you with their low cost. Although some parents prefer to go straight to two wheels quad bikes are very good at teaching kids throttle control and hand eye co-ordation without them worrying about balance. Ciniworx have been importing for over 10 years resourcing good pricing without compramising on quality, guaranteeing excellent value for money.